Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Just wanted to say Amelia has a blog! She just posted a book review, so go check it out!


P.S. I've been embroidering a bit lately so there might be a post about that soon!

Mattie G.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

It has been a long time since I have been on my blog. I don't really know why. Actually I think I do. I am not very good at writing and I don't talk a lot (How shocking!!!) and I don't have much going on. I'm pretty shy and kinda scared of people, so I created this blog to help me get out of my shell. And I have. I have edged just a tiny bit out of my little turtle shell. I have also not posted on here for at least five months, BUT, I have actually posted on here which is a miracle in itself. Maybe the posts were very short, maybe 95 percent pictures and maybe just a little bit boring, but I don't know how to end this sentence. Woohoo!! Go Me!! I don't even know what I am trying to say. Anyway, I wanted to show you these pictures of snow!!

There is so much snow! These pictures barely even show how much there is!

Mattie G

Thursday, August 25, 2016

For my family August is birthday month so I've been a bit busy. 
I was gonna do a post on each birthday but then I forgot. 
I'm going to wait till the end of the month and then do one big one. 
So to fill in the gap here are some pictures I took a week or so ago.

Apparently my computer wants to be a lawn mower.
 Its making the most annoying sound!! Anyway............. 
I have nothing after that random bit of information.


Thank you for bearing with my horrible writing skills and lack of anything interesting to say!

Monday, August 15, 2016

I meant to do this a few days after we got home. 
As you can tell, that didn't happen. 
Oh well. Anyway, here are some pictures. 
You are very lucky. Some of these are actually edited!

We swam, read, wrote, drew. biked, hiked, boated, ate and slept. 
I can't think of any more past tense words that we could possibly have done.
 My dad ad I went on a hike. We put a forest fire out. Well, kinda.
 Someone had made a campfire, just rocks in a ring, and the fire traveled under
 the ground! So my dad dug it up and we poured some water on it. 
We jumped off of jump rock (Jump rock is a pretty high rock that you jump off of).
 I finished two books and started another. I even started writing a book! 
We pretty much had a great time!!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Okay I know what your thinking. You think that I was trampled by a herd of watter buffalo and have been in the hospital ever since. Its true. Okay okay so I wasn't trampled by a herd of water buffalo, but I've been really busy. Okay maybe busy isn't the right word for it. More like lazy. Okay think of it like this. For the past two months I have lived in a cave without doors or internet. So as you can see, I really didn't have a way to communicate with any, people
Okay. Getting back to what I really meant to write. So this isn't really a post. It's just a little update. We are going camping on Saturday for ten days! We are going to Redfish Lake, we have gone every  year since we moved here (except for two years. We didn't go the first year and one other year it burned so we had to go somewhere else) So the actual post will be after we come back and I have put all ten million pictures on the computer. 

So, that is what I was going to tell you, but I had wanted to make a Fourth of July post but never did so I will just put some of the pictures here. 

We went on our driveway and did a few of our own fireworks. 
We did some sparklers and some other things I can't remember 
the name of and we finished off with a Pop-Its war 
(we tried throwing them at each other and popping them off our backs.
 My mom wasn't to keen on this idea.). 
Most of the pictures are of smoke but its still a little cool.

That ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would. 
I thought it was just gonna be a little post telling
 you we were going camping with a random picture. 
But then I started typing about water buffalo and all this stuff 
and now I don't know how to stop. 
My fingers won't stop typing. 
Why can't I stop??

 Okay, that was my drama for the day.
Ten four.
P.S. Please excuse the excess use of the words Okay and So. (: