Monday, August 15, 2016

I meant to do this a few days after we got home. 
As you can tell, that didn't happen. 
Oh well. Anyway, here are some pictures. 
You are very lucky. Some of these are actually edited!

We swam, read, wrote, drew. biked, hiked, boated, ate and slept. 
I can't think of any more past tense words that we could possibly have done.
 My dad ad I went on a hike. We put a forest fire out. Well, kinda.
 Someone had made a campfire, just rocks in a ring, and the fire traveled under
 the ground! So my dad dug it up and we poured some water on it. 
We jumped off of jump rock (Jump rock is a pretty high rock that you jump off of).
 I finished two books and started another. I even started writing a book! 
We pretty much had a great time!!


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