Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ok, so I am going to try a photo a day challenge for April, so 30 days, 30 pictures (It's also an excuse to take more pictures!). But because were already more than halfway through April I'm just gonna give you 17 pictures today and one every other day! Hooray! Lets get started.

1. Your Reflection

2. Color
I didn't exactly know what to do so I thought this might work

3. Someone Who Makes You Happy

Sorry for it being so dark!
4. Lunch

This looks a little gross, but it's what I had!
5. Younger You

I didn't know what this meant but it is a younger me!
6. Cold
7. Where You Ate Breakfast

I don't eat breakfast but this is where it would be if I did!
8. Stairs

9. Flower

10. Orange

11. Something You Drew

12. Bottle

13. Deer Skull......?

This was supposed to be the last thing I bought but it's been so long
 since Iv'e bought any thing, so why not a deer skull I found?
14. Bracelet?

This was supposed to be hair, but do you know how HARD
it is to take a picture of hair?
15. Vegetable

Kinda weird!
16. Sunglasses

OK so now your finally at the end! I only have 16 cause' I 
forgot to take a picture of the sunset(oops) so maybe tomorrow.
 I am really tired so I gotta go to bed! 

Mattie Grace